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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for batteries & charger
Shipping was slower than expected. Quality of liitokala is always good. be sure of 12 V input exactly. my previous one failed because of just 14 v input due to faulty transformer
Got your order. Delivered on time. Good quality. Fits the description and photos. I am pleased with the work of the store. I recommend everyone to go to this store. Thanks
Nice power bank with many good charging functions and several voltage output. The flashing lamp is nice. The car starter connection give ~16,4V so be careful if you connect sensitive 12V equipment.
For the first time for me, unfortunately I did not receive the product. Seller was very quick to provide full refund, so 5 stars to them. I would rather have the product, but still is good to know that seller is reputable and honest. I will not hesitate to buy again from them, lost product in mail could happen to anyone.
I received the order. Delivery was fast. The potentiometer for the amperage control did not work. I had to replace it with a new 10K trimmer, and now everything works well. Thank you !