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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for batteries charge
For customs purpose, the value of the goods should be declared properly. Not just a fantasy value. Having a declared value not corresponding to the real value of the product can lead to customs issues.
When I received the package, it was already damaged. I gave the seller an approval from the local post office, and they were still refused to refund me. I was oiled with bureaucracy, and I experienced bad service. I'm very disappointed from Syma official store.
The quality is very good. I ordered it by free shipping but it is fast to DHL level. I received it within 7 days after ordering. I strongly recommend this seller.
Second time I buy a tester from RD Tech, I'm very pleased. Small price but complete functions. The USB-C cable resistance testing is very useful. In the photos I'm using my old RD tech resistance , still holds nicely.
very good product! i love the way that constructors create 2 gen of this powerbank with 2 power out plugs! awesome design and quality. its hard to suit powerbank with silicone case but this is also an advantage, because product have better protection. i recommend this product!