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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for best speaker bluetooth
The casing arrived in just over one week in Holland. It fits like a glove and it looks and feels like a sturdy and decent product. The zipper also looks and feels decent.
The volume has great range my kids enjoy turning it up as loud as it will go and having dance parties in the kitchen The depth of sound is pretty great too I plug mine in frequently so I havent really tested out the battery life. But if you re on the fence, I can solidly recommend this one. Just do it
This speaker has amazing quality sound and can get very loud Its a very durable speaker as well To me Bluetooth speakers are one of the greatest inventions Its allowed us to play music virtually anywhere. My favorite place to use them is when we go to the beach all summer. However they re also great for blasting music while you do the dishes
The seller was very commutative. From the onset, I was told that the camel color was out of stock so I chose black instead. The sound is great for small speakers (small compared to our HIFI vintage speakers). I bought one to test out the sound. I plan on getting at least one more because I want surround sound for listening to orchestral works.
I'm digging this Bluetooth speaker! The size is nice and the sound output is great. The buttons on top make it easy for adjustment of volume, etc. I also dig that the usb cord has the aux cord and power cord together. The speaker was easy to hook up with bluetooth.