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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bgvp
The seller is very helpfu, responsivel & responsible. Though the first delivery was lost thru incomplete address, the seller was willing to refund. But I asked for a resent & the seller was okay to re-arrange the 2nd delivery. Now I'm happy that I gotten my items.
unfortunately there was no tracking info available al the time, so i opened a dispute. 2 day's after that, the item arrived. if shippment last longer, that's not an issue if you have a tracking info, where you can see all about that delivery.... but without any info it's a little bit disappointing. but anyway.. the cable itself is really perfect.. very smooth.. easy to attach .. very comfortable.. and.. it come's with an extra IEM Box. cool final: item is perfect
Great sounding earphone is most music genres, with good details, separation, soundstage and bass. It sounds warm but not too warm. I recommend using KZ eartips on this one to make the mids sound nicer.
Good quality cable for the price, overall a good replacement or small upgrade to stock cables. The mic is isn't the best but it works well enough as long as you're not in a loud environment. Keep in mind that the cable will still harden some due to sweat, even if they say that it won't. Check the resistance once you receive it, I had a slight problem on mine and had to fix it by resoldering the contacts. This is due to the mic version has more parts and solder points that can ultimately fail, so as long as you get the non mic version then you shouldn't really have any problems. I won't take off a star even though I had a small issue because it may have from shipping since it wasn't shipped in a box so there wasn't much protection and we all know how great shipping carriers are when it comes to '(mis)handling' packages, and honestly it was an easy fix. Cheers!
This is a fantastic cable worth twice its price. If you’re looking for a balanced cable and don’t have a fortune to spend arbitrarily, buy this. You will not be disappointed.