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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bike bulb led
My expectation was validated. Very bright and sturdy. A great tactical flashlight. The case is flimsy as one of the lock catches fell off upon opening. I have no issue with the product itself. I will recommend!!
XHP 70.2 was extreme!! usually just using self-contained XM-L2 as daily driver and differences is quite huge. Build and finish is very good, but stock mount is terrible, modification is required (mine is using gopro adapter), warm white is pleasant for eyes (better recognition for identifying object on trail), by the way pushing button too quick while changing mode sometimes accidentally activate flashing strobe mode which is very annoying, i hope those mode can be disabled in driver, the rest is good. Warning : can cause severe disorientation for upcoming car and pedestrian while using on public road, better using in off road terrain such as forest and place with less people, I'm plan using this powerful emitter for light up my way for crossing eerie singletrack and other spooky places.
Great investment for my bicycle as expected. This is a superior technology, the lamp has a great craftsmanship but considering its size it is ridiculous to think that the rubber rings will overcome the adversity of the road; this kind of lights should have an effective and solid mounting system. Because of this I made my own domestic bracket; the lamp is fastened firmly. Many will do anything to get the most of this lamp (even a 12 V battery) but I'm supplying 8.4 V with a powerful magic shine battery and at least to me is more than enough, the lamp must be sufficiently inclined so that the motorist is not dazzled and generate an accident (wide light flood). I liked to put it under the handlebar, otherwise it is voluminous. Not tested yet in motion but hope I have no problems with the vibration or impacts that the frame absorbs altering the lamp operation. The pictures on the street feature medium and high power. The seller is very effective. I recommend .......