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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bird stop
Nice watch. I got it for free. Feels very light. Has a nice look. It was to big. Making it smaller wasn't easy. Very fast shipping in nice box with a present.
The watch is beautiful! The pictures are true to the colour and detail! So far, the watch seems to be working perfectly. Hoping no issues with it in the future. Shipping was very fast (ordered on June 30th and received on Jul 5th). Package arrived perfectly, nothing wrong. Sailer also responded to my request. I am very happy with their customer service and product. I highly recommend them!!!
Made a request to leave out the logo,job done To those who have never wear a wooden watch before I would say this is a real good product The one I got come with stop watch, date time, like those simple casio watch. The watch is light,color just nice,brown color,adjusting the length is easy as they provide two wood block and a remover pin. I will try to saw the extra to see if there is any wood dust to confirm it is a real wood Overall I would say a great value for money, as I purchase wooden watch from other site,not as good as what Ali offer To Seller: Great job , keep it up!
The watch is very beautiful and brings utensils to shorten the strap. All inside a beautiful box. My congratulations to the manufacturer and the seller. I am very happy with the purchase.