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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blue oval ring
Fantastic, super fast delivery time only 13 days to Germany. Top quality. Exactly as described. I'll be happy to shop here again. The packaging is excellent. Even if something has been pressed, the goods inside are undamaged. The ring looks very noble and I like it very much. Jewelry Tipps and a care cloth are included. Very good dealer. Here we know how to satisfy our customers. Thanks for the good work.
super prompt shipping - 2 weeks to the US. Stones are bigger than expected, with an amethyst coloured center stone and teal blue accents. Size is on point. Setting sits up only moderately high. Excellent value for the price. No missing or loose stones. Will sell well. Seller shipped in box, with bubble wrap between each layer of rings - more attention to detail than other vendors who sell higher price point merchandise. Very pleased with vendor. Will buy from again. +++++ for getting the entire order right. No missing products. Most Ali vendors manage to miss one piece at least - but not this seller !