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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blue toothe
It's really good and came very fast. I sent a message to seller and he/she replied. Thanks for answering my question. I recommend this to you. The metal part is very good quality. Plastic part is good , too. (but doesn't smell good at first because of this plastic part)
It works as in it lights up but still waiting to see the whitening had to wait to try because it doesn’t come with the gel to put inside so you have to purchase that a separately if you go with this one I plugged it to my iPhone and it worked!!
Quality is very good, they are comfortable and they connected to my iphone 7 no problem at all. I haven't tried the radio yet. Thank you to the seller for the prompt service.
The toothbrush fits nice although it can move when the box is closed. I hoped there would be some securing inside so the brush would be kept in place. I certainly am going to use it during my next travel.
Literally gobsmacked at how fast this got to me! Ordered this and it was on my doorstep 4 days later!! From China to UK. Also works amazingly well, doesn't make teeth feel too sensitive and I do suffer from sensitive teeth. Recommend!!