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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluetooth earphone s2
EVERYTHING perfect. exactly what i ordered Received in perfect packaging and condition All as in the description Very fast shipping and delivery Ordered for only 17 days ago. Received in Denmark today That's awesome. I am very impressed.. I am very satisfied with this shop and their goods Can certainly highly recommend this shop Thank you very much seller
Headset is great, I think. Music: 5/5 (Sound, bass, etc) Talking: 5/5 (General) Talking outdoors: 5/4 Talking in windy air: 5/3 (max) Talking in indoor environment: 5/5 (very good) Time - With one charging: 5/5 (Music&Speaking, very good) Thanks to the seller. Thanks to AliExpress.
Good packing. 2 weeks delivery. The real product is very beautiful and tiny, easy to carry. The earbuds sometime can't fit to the dock, so you should move it a little until the red light appear. It's a very good product by it price anyway. Satisfied!