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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluetooth for headset
I've been looking for wireless headphones for running for a long time. I've purchased several pairs that have an ear hook, but they all stick out weirdly or the hook doesn't properly fit on my ear so I decided to get these and they are amazing! I have run a marathon in them and I can verify that they are great for running (as well as casual use).
First of all I must say that the seller was very nice and the package arrival was in an exceptionally short time (15 days approx. ). It contains the intercom, a set of headphones and mic to put in the helmet, 4 sticky pads to improve the fixation of the headphones, a plastic clip to hold the intercom in the helmet (and a metallic replacement), USB-jack charger cable, instruction in main languages (English, Spanish, German, French), screws and a tool. It synced with the phone by bluetooth very quickly and easy, if compared with another V8 that I've tested before. The headphones sound loud and clear, they're not the best quality sound you will ever find, but they work nice. Intercom itself has a nice touch, it is covered in silicone/rubber and it feels soft. Conclusion. It is a very nice device relation quality-price. I totally recommend it. Furthermore, the seller was very nice and quick to send the device.