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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluetooth headset samsung
Very good size and feel. Sound is clear and charging pod works well. Only criticism - instructions were not clear on how to pair both at the same time. Following instructions kept turning them off, so I had to just test different ways. here is what I did to pair both at the same time (you can pair 1 at a time). Hold down the button on both at the time until blue / red light appears Double click one until the other says 'connected' Pair via phone or device This worked fine
It's a little bigger (wide) than I thought it would be, but I'm really loving it. The sound comes in clear and it's easy to use! And best of all, it stays in your ear perfectly
Hello sir, I have reached the product and Iasvni to tell you that one of the speakers does not work and the other does not last for only 5 minutes and the calls can not communicate with the microphone.
i have received the item it's an excellent -- thanks for u but could u tell me about the separate piece like a microphone -- what is its function is it a microphone or any thing else ,, how can i use it ??