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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluetooth micro earpiece
Easy to use, seems ok for this price. Battery life is not long, was about 3 hours, then you have to charge it again, but for me it is enough. Shipping the product was very fast and the packing was good.
Good quality as it is discribe on the picture and comfortable. I made my order on 11.02 and it arrive on 14.03. The seller told me that it was 15 days holidays on China. Rest ok
I wasn't sure if I ever get any freebie. Thanks for the gift :) That one is the fastest package I received. Received only in one week. I have a couple of packages still waiting more than one month. :) The product is very nice. I gave it to my wife and she is very happy with it. I also can hear her easily. Sound quality is good!
Shipped in over two weeks. Works great for now. Connecting with my Asus and Iphone. I'm satisfied. Will add additional feedback later on. If everthing will work smoothly then i will order another one.
Very good piece. Excellent value for money. its very small and lightweight. connection is pretty easy just holding the button for a few seconds. Sound quality is not superb but is good and more than enough for phone calls and some music. I need to test battery yet but is deems to be decent. look at the photos for further into about size and which comes with the packet.