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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluetooth speaker s
Great quality. Android 6.0 I installed it in the car. All wires where connected with the ORIGINAL Ford s-max 2010 plug. The kit includes: GPS, Ford's car bus decoder, Two female USB connector, one external and one can be install inside the dashboard. Plugs for extended Audio. Blue tooth and Wifi connections. The kit works with the car computer, so you can activate the radio from your wheel :) :)
Some small problems with install, but radio looks nice with many possibilities to customize. I have problems with Steering wheel control. It is not possible to set it correctly. One button has two functions at same time and it is not possible to change it. Despite of that I like it. It has more pros than cons :) And I reccomend this store. Shipping was very fast (4 days) from EU warehouse.
I made a mistake installing the radio and supplier gave excellent service to solve the problem and then the radio worked like plug and play. Including steering wheel controls. I am very pleased with it, recommend seller.
There is a lack of a more accurate plug and play manual. I received the order after 10 days. I've mastered the installation and everything I need is working as it is.