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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boho duvet set
Wonderful purchase. I haven't unfolded it fully as it's a gift I want to keep folded nicely! But as far as I can tell, it's pretty perfect!!!!!! Shipping was fast and the seller included free gifts that were just what I needed and wanted. All looks to be lovely quality. My Mum will absolutely LOVE the duvet. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
This set includes two pillowcases and a duvet cover. It does not have any sheet I am not sure about the fabric. The seller says that this is microfiber. In my senses, the material is very similar to satin, but there were no tags. Nevertheless, I liked the fabric. It is not thin, it is soft and does not electrify. To the body it feels very pleasant, and to sleep on this laundry is fine! The duvet cover has zipper. For me, it's really convenient, since you can not worry that the blanket will crawl and break through the hole. Pillowcases have a pocket for pillow. Please note that the pocket is almost in the center of the pillow, not aside. To put on a pillow case is convenient, I have no problems. There was a tag indicating how to wash the set correctly. I was washing at 30 degrees and nothing happened with it. I liked the quality. The print is clear and bright. Zip on the duvet works well/ The fabric is pleasant.