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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boosted mobile
description accurate, alluminum shell with circuit board and plastic cover/button. communication with the seller was fluent and fast. the board came damaged and the seller kindly sent me a replacement one. I definitely recommend the store and the seller.
This works very well to drive Daytime running lights, one needs two of these together with a DRL controller (at least I did, it didn't work well when I connected the lights straight to the controller, they were very dim).
Works great. Requires heatsink above 7-8A input current. Efficiency above 84%. At lower loads (<5A) efficiency above 90%. Constant current and voltage regulation. Max output voltage adjustable to 55V. Current adjustable to 8.3A. Tested at 250W output (45V at 5.5A). Mounted on aluminum substrate. Good product.
battery fixed. my phone two times charged . only has power for 50% of my 3000mah phone battery. it means full capacity of the power bank is only 1500mah. when charging 35-40C heat occur. 606090 battery has been mentioned 4000mah on it. but sadly not even has a half of it. my opinion is nice look ,very compact. strong look, durability hardly ok. but you will have only 1500mah.