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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boosted mobile
description accurate, alluminum shell with circuit board and plastic cover/button. communication with the seller was fluent and fast. the board came damaged and the seller kindly sent me a replacement one. I definitely recommend the store and the seller.
This works very well to drive Daytime running lights, one needs two of these together with a DRL controller (at least I did, it didn't work well when I connected the lights straight to the controller, they were very dim).
Works great. Requires heatsink above 7-8A input current. Efficiency above 84%. At lower loads (<5A) efficiency above 90%. Constant current and voltage regulation. Max output voltage adjustable to 55V. Current adjustable to 8.3A. Tested at 250W output (45V at 5.5A). Mounted on aluminum substrate. Good product.