Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for breastfeeding cloth
I love the colors. Not sure how I feel about the shirt. I'm normally a medium but my friend convinced me to go up 2 sizes. This was too big on me. I'd say to size up one size. I also don't love how the top half sticks out. Almost wish the top panel was longer/further down so it wouldn't stick away from my boobs. It's too big overall but the top half is almost too short lengthwise. Hits me about an inch from the bottom of my boob causing the shirt to just hang there. I think this would be ok in a solid color but the lines end up not matching up. The overall quality of the shirt is great. I like that the under part is almost like a tank top so my boobs/bra won't be exposed if I reach or anything. Breastfeeding would be super easy in this shirt. Top part pulls down easily. I want to order another one and see if it fits better if it will fit tighter and not hang. Shipping came pretty fast.