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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bt 21
Ordered a new one because the previous broke... twice. Contacted seller and he send a new casing for the first. With this shipment he sent 2 extra casings, really great service, nice product still very happy i can communicate with my girlfriend. Love this seller! Awesome service, absolutely no regrets!
The best Bluetooth headset in this price range. Clean design and compact size. Does not have too many buttons. Works perfect with phones and also supports next/previous track on long press of volume buttons. Installation is fairly easy. Works well with Google assistance. Speaker sound is loud enough even 80kmph. No lag in usage nor any issues with Bluetooth connectivity.
I can't describe how GREAT Mark is at helping and advising. he responded to minutes! the box came in half the estimated time. everything seems to be working fine. the sound is great so far - will check while riding. iwill update as soon as i pair with the other devices to try the intercom feature. many thanks!!!!
I tested in house and the sound is excellent (loud and clear), easy to use and to install. the only downside would be if you want to pair it with 3+ riders , the process is complicated, riders should stay in the same order (for 2 it is ok). Another thing that they might improve is the attaching clips of main unit: if you want to take out for recharge, you need a tool to press a metal blade.
Product is as described. I already tested it and it is working nicely. I am only disappointed with country where I live because this product cost me 73$ and I paid 30$ in custom fees because Czechia is greedy awful country,so this product cost me in total 103$. After this experience I will never purchase anything from china again what is priced above 15$.