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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bulb h1 led
great product, very very good quality of materials. the light output is great, and very focused. in the photos it can be seen these bulbs (on the left SIDE) informações comparison with a "super white" halogen bulbo (on the right side). recomended.
Itrems work well and easy to install. Please be advised. Dipped beam are yellow or amber, High beam is white only, Do not be fooled into thinking you can get dipped beam in white, Its yellow only so please check your countries laws regarding this
Received in good condition. Installed on my Honda . Fitting is good and both lights working and very bright and white. Compared with the original halogen bulb, brightness and distance coverage are improved.Overall the item is value for money and seller is responsive to my queries and messages. Highly recommended.
Bought H7 and H8. Overall quality is good. Heat dissipator works good. After a minute or so, you can feel the heat coming out. The power supply is all sealed, may be for better heat dissipation. One led consumes around 1,85 A. Light is very bright. However I am not happy how light dissipation is set. In comparison with a regular H8 led light, this one is only focused on a horizontal line. Have to test on my car before making conclusion. Instructions manual is in Chinese only.
This is my 5th order from this seller and i am very satisfied with this seller. very helpful and supportive. this order sent me 1 wrong part and the seller instantly sent me replacement parts.i recommend all to buy from this seller as he gives very good quality product and service. thanks seller.