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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cable wma
pro: 1. the player looks really good. it is a good quality product for an aftermarket device. 2. the android works well, and it is very responsive. 3. you can install any android play app. overall it is a best buy for the money cons: 1. the display is very glossy and reflective, so during the day, you might find difficulties looking at it. This may be solved with a matt cover protection glass. 2. if you want to listen to music while navigation runs, the music will stop every time the navigation says a direction. you have to manually reopen the music player each time and press the play button. this is very frustrating. 3. waze application does not work correctly and also stops the music in the background at every turn 4. The android version is 6.0.1 and not 8.0. Overall this is a very good product for the money...but it needs some small improvements. Most of all the frustrating one with the music while the navigations is running.
Good for the price, no complain except it does not come with installation instructions and user manual, original factory camera isn't plug and play it needs little more connection. Overall satisfactory for the product and the seller.