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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cam sensor
I waited for a long time for this camera to be on sale and it worth it. The shippment was very fast to Romania, sadly our postal office kept it in the warehouse for about 2 weeks. Pro: The video quality seems very good on the camera, it is very small so you can't even see it from outside, the one on the back is the same, the cable for the rear camera is very think, longlasting but hard to install in some parts, for prius 3rd, i needed 30 cm more. Wifi app seems good and connects easily. I'm satisfied with my purchase. Bad: Wifi app should let me choose which camera to view (both, front, rear). i don't know why in both mode is shows in PIP instead of split (i must read all the manual and come back with feedback). On my android 7.0 navigation the app didn't work, i hope it will on the future. on the phone it worked but only half a screen. Good camera, but the app needs improvements. Good seller. thank you
Arrived in 2 weeks in Netherlands. I need to test the video quality but the product seems good and definately not a cheap look like other dashcams. I’ll recommend it to others !
Dear Seller. The delivery en all went fine. now de product discription said there should have been a disc inside. But I did not get any disk deliverd. I tried to connect it to my laptop. but not working yet :(
Imagequality is good for the price of the camera. But the bitrate of the video's are insanely high. On both 720p and 1080p 5 minutes of video will use more then 600Mb of storage. I've send a question to the store if there is some way to reduce the bitrate but I did not receive an answer.
Product is as they say ,but manual is terrible bad -i guess it is translated to english by google ? no use luckily there are videomanuals on youtube / but still didnt figured how to change date and time /