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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera 1920
Awesome smartphone! The supplying was really fast! Actually, it was the most concern for me, because I need to leave my home town for a few weeks and I was afraid that phone won't be supplied before that, but I received its even earlier for 2 days I expected!
Tablet received fast and in good condition. I need some time to get used to the tablet. I have some difficulty to insert the SIM cards, as I do not know whether to use normal or micro SIM. Otherwise all ok up to now.
i received the product, it looks very nice but, play store is not working. is there any update or any other play store link? without play store it is useless. the seller please take necessary steps and resolve the same.
Great tablet. The unit comes with Android 7.0, almost clean. I can only see one Chinese app. The tablet moves the apps quite fast and i don´t appreciate freezes or hangs. The screen is a good one. The materials and the construcction of the devive, is quite good. The metal back is a very nice extra. Works fine with Skype, Kodi, YouTube and the other popular apps. Don´t have problem with the WiFi signal. Sometimes, it lost the connection, but is from time to time and it happens too with my other phones, so i suppose, the problem is on my router or so. The Bluetootht works great too. I peer the tablet with a Tronsmart speaker perfectly. Good BT range, i can move trought all the house, wihtout loosing the audio. I haven´t test the GPS yet. So in few words, i´m very happy with the tablet. So far, so good. And the price is really good. Recomendable