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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera 1920
Extremly fast delivery. Faster than ever. Very happy with the ordering and the delivery. The product is a birthday gift so I have not been able to open and examine it yet. Will update my feed back after 16th August
The delivery time by DHL was 6 days! Incredible!!! I love this phone. Google Play Store was installed how I wished. Toll costs were 24 swiss francs. I think that I will order another phone from this seller :) Ps. Shipping package was excellent!!!
Considering this is a budget tablet, it is excellent value for money. All technical details quoted by the seller are accurate. It's construction is solid and performance is what you expect at this spec. The seller shipped the item quickly and securely- I recommend. *(you can extend the device internal storage via Sd card).
The description of Camera itself was correct. However the instruction of how to set it up was not. It took several days and emails to get the camera working wirelessly. The vendor even admitted that their description left a few crucial steps in the instruction booklet. But whether they will correct it or not that is the big question. Several emails that were exchanged was mostly as a result of vendor having poor English understanding.
Camera works good but it doesn't work with the Yoosee app (which is the best I have found). The app it uses it OK but for some reason alarm videos are delayed an hour off the micro sd card... no idea why. Also you need a very narrow screwdriver to get the housing open to put in the card. Previous cameras have been twist which is much easier. Shipping was quick and video quality is great. Just wished it used Yoosee.