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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera 3d
These covers work well. Always remember to order the color opposite of the background color of the frame it's placement for contrast to identify if the camera view is covered or not covered. Thanks for the covers.
Wonderful. I love my selfies. But I love my privacy when I’m not taking pictures. You just never know these days. Better to be precautious. Gifted them to family as well. Use on my phone and laptop
Everything strictly as described! The phone is with global rom and updated itself to FLYME 6 immediately. The product was send fast and I got my hands on it for less than 20 days. GREAT product and GREAT seller! Recomend both of them.
Quick, clean and ok ! Very quick delivery, so nothing to complain. Nice small, slim camerashutters that will do what they have to do....shut the camera, nothing more and nothing less.
Delivered in 13 days. Item comes sufficiently packed and as described. Good cable capable of displaying 4k @ 60Hz video and audio with no dropouts. Seller also thrown in a velcro cable tie as a free gift. Very satisfied with purchase.