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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera diy kit
When this item arrived, it was packaged firmly between two rigid pieces of styrofoam. After carefully removing the styrofoam, I noticed the manufacturer's product packaging was bent near the bottom, at several locations. I carefully opened the product and removed the two laser cut metal sheets and found both sheets also bent in the same locations as the bends in the manufacturer packaging. Although the bends did not appear they would cause any issues with assembly of the puzzle, it will likely result in poor physical appearance in those areas where the sheet metal was bent. This damage was the result of too much force being used by the individual who manually prepared the item for shipping, when he or she was inserting the product into the tightly packed styrofoam, causing the packaging and its contents to bend. Photos are included below. I did notify the Seller who told me that if I experienced any problems with the final appearance or assembly of the puzzle, to let him know.