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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera for fish
Excellent product. It has got 3 lenses. The flash has 3 intensities and a cable for charge. Highly recomendable! I'm very happy with them. Everything is exactly as the description(but the tripod it is a little bit tiny..
You will be amazed on how much detail you will get using the macro lens. Plus with the combination of the lenses you will capture a better picture for any use you normally use your iPhone camera for you can get just about every combination you will need to take photos with your IPhone with this one device.
If I could give this Lens Kit 10 stars I would, used it on my trip to Italy and got amazing photos + very smartly made design, I was not afraid I would drop my phone when Lens was attached
Well worth the money. There was a small dent in the tripod both nothing major. It took 22 days to arrive. There is no major convex when it comes to the fisheye but the zoom and macro lens were amazingly satisfactory. Communicative seller. Will definitely order again.