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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera pi raspberry
the product came earlier than expected. the Rpi zero w worked great. all items were included. HOWEVER, the otg cable doesn't work and the case i specifically requested for is black. now, im using the otg i made myself. so for the accuracy of the product description, i rate it 4 stars.
the cam was accedently faulty but the seller compromised and understood without opening a dispute and sent me a replacement. good seller. i will definetly purchase other stuff from him again
A very nice and clever design. The casing has a upside trap to place the camera. This trap can be placed verticaly and the opening let place to access the gpio easily. The is a small hole so that it's possible the power and activity leds. The cas is delivered with 3 screws: 1 to fix the camera and the others to close the case. At the back side the design provide a way to simply hang the case on a wall. Really a nice product. Congratulations ! Hope this will be a success but not to much otherwise the price would go up ;-)
Very fast delivery (less than a week to the UK). A bit fiddly to put together but works really well. Not much colour in the picture during daylight but good infra-red performance. Excellent value.