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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for camera slider
Very good in every respect: The product is of really good quality (meticulously processed solid metal, and not plastic as some have written!), a really fantastic price, and an unbelievably fast delivery without any problems. This way you continue to truly amaze me. Well done, thank you!
This is a very good item. It is a better product than the price because it is a good price item. But there are some disadvantages. When switching from A to B, it is not smooth. There is some vibration. The seller of this store is very kind. Even if it breaks down, it is 100% reliable. I will continue to buy here. Thank you.
Very fast shipment! Product is grat and smooth but not too fast. I Think is to havy for use it on only 1 tripod. (100cm) Its a great product over all. A bit saad is no cable for trigering Sony A7 cameras 2,5mm to micro USB..