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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cameras dlsr
The lens came nicely packed. I did not pay any custom duty. I was looking for a prime lens from long time and this is perfect for portraits with blurred & bokeh background effect.
The case looks ok. I expected it to be a little bigger as I wanted to fit my whole camera inside but I guess I can still use it for a lens. The bad came with a small divider inside aswell.
Quality is a little poor, screws are not optimal working, but wel I sort of expected that; you cant compare it with a simalar product wich is 10 times more expensive and in the end it works fine for me.
The card works exactly as described in a Canon EOS 400D. After carefully inserting, connect with Iphone/Ipad can be made quickly, with a solid wifi connection. Card can then be easily configured via the EZshare app or a 3rd party app. Very happy with this card!!