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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cameras spy
Very very fast delivery, in just 8 days! I am not sure if it works because it beeps on every electric apparature and even the wi-fi, which is everywhere. But maybe I still don't use it correctly.
i dont use it yet but i think 2mega pixel is not super quality but its alright for 8 dolar its not sony it comes from chine to turkey 8 days. i
This camera is super small. Like in the picture. there are 2 buttons to control. and 2 led light from the same hole on the cover. You need to read the manual to understand how to start record by 720p or 1080p and with night mode or not. I'm testing the quality right now. the good thing is that the card saves the files and there is no need of the camera to download the files. it acts like USB key.
Unfortunately camera doesn't work well from the beginning - the inner camera moves a bit and the cable seems dont have it's joins good because only a small move interrupts the recording, turns off the device and the device doesnt even respond to button press (on/off or mode).
Trouble setting it as a web camera. Only Camera application works in Windows 10 Pro. Low quality microphone, but a decent camera recording, if you avoid moving camera itself. Very disappointing user manual, better watch video in description. Really fast delivery.