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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cancellation
Considering the price this is a very good product. Easy to operate. Sound quality is good for everyday - in the train etc - use. But if you are a Hifi fanatic you might want to look further..
AWESOME in ears,, I own the Shure Se535 but I really prefer this one. No joke. Nice bass and loud! The fits are ok, this is the only thing for me that could be improved. Highly recommend. very fast delivery!
I received the headphone very quickly. Unfortunately it doesn't go in pairing mode. When i press the QCY button for 8 sec it always goes to power on modus after three seconds although I hold the button for longer. It does blink red and blue but I don't hear pairing nor can I find it on any of my iDevices when I go to Bluetooth and do a search. I haven't had such problems with other headphones. I would like to receive a replacement headphone that does work. I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you very much, seller of 5 stars. the goods as stated. such in reality put me 5 stars as a buyer, if I deserve arrived in Kiev for 29 days
Fairly good for the price but personally I would choose the dodocool da104 for a few dollars more and they come with a handy hard case on the plus side they are a lot less obtrusive