Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car portable tv
The time for expedition was respected, the parcel was all right, the little TV fitted what I expected with a little restriction. The TV picture is good, but the picture through the AV jack In is altered by two horizontal lines of parasites. It's not too important for me, but I would have prefered a perfect picture
very bright screen sound is not very loud, missing a game disc and games not working left message with seller. but a great unit for taking about. very happy with it
Good Item and fast delivery. Picture and sound are clear, Rear camera as well. Notice is not enough detailed, some functionalities are not specified. For instance: Time lapse function can improve significantly the time of recording but prevents both GPS and sound recording. Screen is not adapted to SUV car, picture is not clear, seen as negative image depending due to high angle of vision. Other tips: remove Chinese chars in the name of the GPSPlayer.exe App after having installed and before launching it (occidental computers) GPSPlayer.exe cannot read files recored with time lapse function. Otherwise GPSPlayer.exe is the app you can see on a map where was the car at the time of recording. It works well.