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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car soap
I can't believe how fast my order came! Dofuny is the BEST seller up here and that's saying a lot because I have ordered from a lot of sellers. I've ordered a few things from them already and they never cease amaze me! They are very friendly and make your ordering experience an enjoyable one! This color by the way is GORGEOUS!
Desciption was clear. product fonctions as expected. Pro: Soap does not get into the Karcher Pump or Nozzle. Both stay clean and can simply not get cludded. Hose in bottle was just long enough to reach bottom and take all the fluid. Range of setting works (but too large and smal range can be used). Water > 40 degrees Allowed (not allowed by Karcher internally). Con: Copper Alloy gets loose while mounting, so difficult to mount on Karcher pistol. Might wear out Karcher pistol which is dofter material (plastic). Coupling to bottle has no rubber sealing (added it myself).