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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car toy program
combo came as described and impresed by the good building quality. the shipping to switzerland took approx. 2 weeks which is quite ok. its my first dive into the rc-world and i hope to try it in a few weeks so i can leave a review.
The motor and ESC seem t be made of very high quality. I am actually impressed with the quality of the products, very happy. I would definitely recommend this vendor. And the program card that comes with the package, is a very nice bonus.
Not tested yet but the item and its retail box seems to prove that it's authentic Racerstar Program Card. Shipping was really fast and Packing was good. Strangely there is no Instructions manual with it.
Very satisfied. Initially the item had a broken motor but the seller sent me a replacement motor for free. Assembly instructions are good, the only thing I observed was that I didn't know motor polarity and had to reconnect motor wires for a few times. It was helpful to put labels on each motor and battery wire, then it was simple to put them to the right contacts.Maybe a good thing would be to change on/off switch to avoid soldering. At least I didn't manage to connect wires to the on/off switch without soldering them. Applications are correct and working, including android application. For the line tracking and obstacles avoiding I had to adjust sensors sensitivity, but it is a normal process.
I have been using this brushless combo on my MST RMX 2.0 for a while now and I am really satisfied. Very easy to program, very smooth throttle control when set correctly. That combo is one of the best you can find for the price point. It’s even better than much higher price tag combos and I have used a lot of them