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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for carbon frame road t1000
Très beau cadre. Conforme à mes attentes. La qualité de fabrication semble être au rendez-vous. Belle qualité de finition. Reste à monter ce vélo et vérifier son comportement routier. Excellente relation client avec Mary. Vous êtes très serieux. Je vous contacte prochainement pour acheter une paire de roue carbone en 700x60. Frank (france) Very beautiful frame. In line with my expectations. The quality of manufacture seems to be there. Beautiful quality finish. All I have to do is mount this bike and check how it handles on the road. Excellent customer relationship with Mary. You are very serious. I will contact you soon to buy a pair of carbon wheels in 700x60. Frank (france)
nthis frame rides lovely. nice and stiff amd resposive but doesn't shake you to bits. i am using a campag record groupset and the tyre clearance is tight on the front brakes at about 1/2 mm. the wheels im using are 25mm wide 60mm deep tubless from csc wheels with 25mm wide schwalbe pro one tubeless tyres so this is pretty much the max you will be able to go although i have heard shimano brakes have more clearance. the bad parts are just a few mirror areas where the csrbon weave looks a little messey and under where the bottle cages go on the down tube there is a tiny bit of yellow over spray. all in all very happy with a very fast bike. been to the Local Bike Shop to buy a few bits foe it and they love it, not a clue that its a replica.