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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cases for cameras
Thanks, all delivered good. Case looks awesome and not making my x7 ugly =) I leaved a nice feedback for you at 4pda forum - goo [dot] gl [slash] PueetN Wish you a success!
Works great. Can easily be slided from blocking the view to unblocking without having to remove the sticker. It haven't fallen off and I have been using my laptop alot the past few weeks. Do recommend!
Very happy with the bag. Arrived well packed and in good condition. A bit smaller then i thought but the bag is very customizable. Even my big sigma telezoom fits with camera in the bag.
Great camera bag! It's small and nice bag. Fits perfectly Canon 80D with 18-55mm lens on. On hight fits alone 55-250mm lens. Present waterproof case for the bag. I recommend this bag! :)
Very fast shipping (order arrived in 2 weeks). Solid camera case. It fits GoPro Hero 5 Black edition but really tight. Definitely I can't use a pocket in case to add other things such as memory cards or card adapter because I'm sure it would damage camera, cards or both...