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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cases for cameras
Works great. Can easily be slided from blocking the view to unblocking without having to remove the sticker. It haven't fallen off and I have been using my laptop alot the past few weeks. Do recommend!
Great camera bag! It's small and nice bag. Fits perfectly Canon 80D with 18-55mm lens on. On hight fits alone 55-250mm lens. Present waterproof case for the bag. I recommend this bag! :)
Very happy with the bag. Arrived well packed and in good condition. A bit smaller then i thought but the bag is very customizable. Even my big sigma telezoom fits with camera in the bag.
Very fast shipping (order arrived in 2 weeks). Solid camera case. It fits GoPro Hero 5 Black edition but really tight. Definitely I can't use a pocket in case to add other things such as memory cards or card adapter because I'm sure it would damage camera, cards or both...
Very happy. I ordered camera, selfie stick and a waterproof case. Also they added for free a gift - leather case for the camera, which is very nice. Thank you! Camera and everything works perfectly. I recommend this shop! Fast shipping.