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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cassetts
The quality is only OK, obviously not up to Shimano standard or Any of the other major Manufacturers. However, it goes all the way up to 42t for 16GBP only. What a nice Price to Share with us. Quick shipping.
5s internals photo on the case. I ordered this case for iphone 7 and thought that there will iphone 7 internals photo on back. But its not. In generaly case is cery good quality. Worth the money
Good seller. Communication with seller is very good and fast. Product is also in good condition and quality. Delivering time is also good. If delivering time can get more fast, it is better.
Top product! Delivered in 4 days with DHL. I had to pay €52 for Dutch Customs. The remote control was not in the package, but for me that does not matter because i was not going to use it anyway.