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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cctv system
I received the shipment after customs clearance. Here is no problem. The main problem is in the transport, whether to Bulgaria or here, I do not know, but the box was crushed and has traces of the device. That's why I'm angry. But guilty for this seller is not. I will order it even from him in the future.
Very good sensitivity of the image sensor at night. Friendly Seller carefully packed and quickly sent the parcel. Prosperity to you HLong Asia - HASECU Store. Special thanks for the "Total Value" ;)
Love the product and was recommended by a professional to get these. Was however disappointed that they wanted to charge me a TOTAL of $50 for postage as my area was considered “rural”. My house is 2 minutes out of a major suburb ! As if I wasn’t paying enough already ..?