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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cell phone microphone
Great product and realy fast shipping i got it in 10days. This is my second time buying from this seller i am very happy about him and his products qualities. perfect
man this is so dope. i used to own other truely wireless earpiece and this one has a practical and durable design to it and the audio has such clear highs and deep bass and the volume is just nice.. not too loud and not too soft. overall i am super pleased with this product.. i mean come on it has a hook for to even hook it up to ur bag or ur belt hoop
Nice device. I recive the parcel in good condition (long shipping time - almost 2 months). I tested the product in the car (Skoda Octavia 2 facelift - SWING Radio CD) and the sound quality is high and clear without other interference. To amplify (boost) the sound quality, the settings are made from the music player equalizer (choose the profile manually). By the way i have the latest generation Samsung smartphone. For other tests in the future I will come up with additional comments. Thanks