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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for charger batterys
Battery charger fits description. Quality is good. Very fast shipping - 8 days to ship to Singapore. Instruction manual should be improved as it is not clear - certain functions described are not applicable for the model purchased.
Hello, Thanks for quality product and only issue is the time taken for full charge and anyway the best charger I had so far and strongly recommend for any buyer. Thanks, Ananda
very happy with this buy! the charger charged a 6v sealed lead acid battery and a 12v lead acid battery without any problems where another charger in already have failed to charge the 6v battery!
It is charger, but not rapid. Original rapid charger 4Ah battery charge during ~40 min. This one takes ~1,5h for 4Ah. This charger is without fan and question how it works in ~30 Celsius environment. Otherwise for that price I wasn't expect the perfect one. As I understand with that way of charging the battery will have better lifespan.