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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for charger dodocool
very nice usb hub. working good, quick charge also working. nice design and packaging. in idle there is very little power consumption (under 1W). only power and usb cables could be little longer.
Works fine as a car charger when my car is at a park.****************************** Good quality item with a USB-C type inlet besides the familiar USB socket. ****************** The charger does not fit well on my Ford Fiesta so the led light on it keeps flickering. ********* This may harm my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 so I am fraid I have to throw the charger away. *************
The charger looks nice as described and works almost fine. I've plugged it into the Apple's original iPhone USB charger and it usually charges my iPhone 8 Plus quite well, but sometimes the charging process quickly pauses and then resumes again multiple times, not sure why. I don't have a phone case so there's no apparent reason for this behavior. If it wasn't like that, I'd rated the product with 5 starts instead of 4. Still, I'm satisfied with the purchase.