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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for charger for batteries
Shipping was slower than expected. Quality of liitokala is always good. be sure of 12 V input exactly. my previous one failed because of just 14 v input due to faulty transformer
charging is slow, but I think it's good for 18650 batteries, cons: when the batteries are fully charged thwy get consumed by the charger itself, once I let the batteries get charged for a night in the morning I found them charged for a quarter of their capacity
The package arrived fine. Balancer charger that can handle all kinds of batteries. He can even revive seemingly dead batteries. Nice processing, design. Product at unbeatable price. Thank you friends in Asia, China.
The item is working well, but the accuracy of the voltmeter is about 0.05V, and you can't measure single cell (Lixxx) ir (internal resistance) and battery status. Those function are working only with balance cable (at least 2 cells)...
The headlamps are very bright and seem to be built well. Shipping was fairly quick and they arrived in good condition. They are heavy but I guess with the rechargeable battery pack and metal frame work that is to be expected. Overall I am happy with the purchase and would recommend this seller and this product.