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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chinese kitchen knife
This knife is a huge slab of sharp steel. I love the simplicity of design and the wood handle. It seems to be a 3-layer type of steel (as claimed): you can see a sort of hamon where the cutting edge is. It's not so heavy for the size and I think I'm gonna soon use it for everything in the kitchen, like real chinese chefs do. The only slightly negative point is the (ab)use of stickers directly on the blade. The glue was hard to clean and left a sort of halo in a couple spots. I suggest Shibazi to use a different glue or to stick them outside the bag covering the knife :) However, nothing affecting functionality: it cuts like a razor. Good communication from the seller who extended my protection period because of long shipping times. Thanks!
Very fast delivery to Australia ! Thanks!! Just the right size & weight for myself & wife,,,, very sharp but does not feel scary!! Felt quite "firm" in the hand,,, really improve confident in the kitchen experience !! Seem to be a genuine product from a serious seller. Thanks again!!