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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cleaner mini
Perfect service from a top seller, lightning fast, secure postage to Australia. Always a pleasure to leave feedback for a seller this good. Very highly recommended to all. Will definitely be back, thank you.
The product is perfect and works great. The quality of it is amazing. The only problem, was the communication with the seller. I was started having problems with the package because it was sent to the wrong city. I posted a claim on the local post for that and had to send them an email as backup. After that, i told the seller just to make sure, and to my surprises, he/she responded with a different tracking number than the one i was originally given when the parcel shipped. The package shipped and i received it, but now there is a claim that should not even existe because the tracking number i had back then, was not correct. The seller never responded what i was asking for. Attached are the screenshots.