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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for clips speakers
Received quickly and safely. However the boxes are very shoddy from the trip but the contents were bagged in the box and are fine. Easy to set up I like that it tells you the number of the caller when ringing. It's very small so won't put undue stress on the visor. That being said it also means that the speaker is small and is pretty loud but sounds very tinny. Conversations are best had with the windows up. Call quality is just ok as some callers had difficulty hearing me. However it gets the job done.
These were exactly what I wanted and are perfect for making up custom speaker plates. I originally tried ordering these from another seller on Ebay , but what I received was different to the picture and was not what I expected. However , when I received these , they were exactly as shown and expected , and I am very happy with them !
I'm absolutely satisfied with the order! It came really quickly, the quality is also good. The battery was full so I could try it out right after unpacking it! The sound is clear and loud enough. I can't wait to try it out at my lesson (I'm a teacher)!
Qualitiy of the caseing is obviously pretty low. But I like the solid metal part(even tough it puts a little too much stress to the plastic on the USB/TF side) But the mp3 player it self is good enaught. Though I would not recommend using it with in-ear-phones because of the static noise. But that is no problem when using it with speakers or turning it loud