Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for coil lot
For my specific car( Shogun Pinin 2.0l GDI), the bottom rubber boot that fits onto the Spark plug is shorter than the original equipment. However this may not be so for your car. I can't fault the seller though. He has provided measurements for his listing. I must add that though the overall length of the connecting tube is shorter than the OEM brand, the boot still fits onto the end of the plug and may function alright. Regarding the quality and durability of the product, I can't be very helpful because I don't have the expert knowledge to make a determination in those areas yet. Time will tell. They just look and feel alright for the moment.
Fast shipping and delivery without problems,coils are original, and they are awesome to use in the LIMITLESS XL and the MAXO V12 (with ring adapter).!! Good flavour and clouds.. long lasting too.. I recommend coils and seller