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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for conceal handle
I think this is the least favorite of the many brushes I purchased here so far. And this is why. It is what they say it is and it's very densely packed but I've never felt a brush that's this entirely dense. Something about the makeup of it almost feels like you're rubbing a cotton ball. Like it's not even separate hairs. as of result you can lay down makeup on to your face using this brush successfully however you better not go back over it a second time. if you try to blend or add to it the brush functions in such a way that it actually pulls the product off of your face. It's too much. like even washing it the hairs are like as if they were one unit instead of a flowing brush. I can't figure out how to use it successfully.
Very good product. I'm in love with the quality at first inspection. The finish has an excellent silky, want to be touched, feeling. The seller is fantastic and I received my products within 5 days. I highly recommend this seller and this product. Once installed and in use, I will leave additional feedback.