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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for converter mp3
I bought the DAC for my TV. The DAC doesn't work however on my Panasonic UHDTV. The seller tried to help me very good, but it still doesn't work. When i tried it on my computer the DACS works fine. So the problem is in the digital out from my PC c.q. in the combination TV and DAC
The order was received in 23 days from the date of registration. The product does not match the description. I paid money for a faster and more informative logistician. The seller changed the logistician, without warning, without telling me. I am not satisfied with the delivery and seller. The seller does not do well. The seller would not recommend.
Delivery to Bangkok 17 days. Very well made little cable. Works perfect. Supports not only charging and data-transmission, but even highly "capricious" applications such as Samsung's SideSync (that do not support any and every USB cable, even "high-end" ones). So, I am happy with it. Highly recommended. Note, though, that it is NOT USB3.0/3.1 cable, but merely USB2.0 one with a type-C end on one side and with a standard USB2.0 type A - on the other side. But it is more than enough in case of a smartphone where USB3.0 is not needed and only adds thickness and rigidity to the actual cable, making it heavier, less flexible and inconvenient to use, so if there is a choice between USB3.0/3.1 type-C and USB2.0 type-C I would always prefer the second one, as it is much more practical.
I have not used it, when I do, I may give additional feed back and may be buy more. thanks, delivery time was a month, not too bad, but you can improve