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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for convoy
The product description was accurate although the seller suffers from the same drawback other Aliexpress sellers suffer from: a bunch of redundant words barely related to the actual product in the title. And AFAIK the seller was a bit slow getting the item shipped from China. And the item spent too much time in customs in Belarus. Nearly a month. Not the seller's fault of course. This is my second flashlight from this seller and both work fine. Have a good day!
I have been very impressed with this small flashlight. You get to customise just about everything on it. Just a pity that it did not come with a pocket clip. But otherwise a Fantastic Purchase
I ordered T5 5B, which is also on the box. But the LED looks much cooler, more like T6 4C. Is there so much variation in the T5 5B? Or is it a version between T5 5B and T6 4C? I have never seen it before.
Excellent flashlight. I need the focused been for seeing down well casings while standing in full sunlight. These are the best flashlights that I have used. I have bought one for everyone I work with. All are still working (some are 3years old).
It's a very good product. Fast shipping, intact and perfect product. The package was damaged a little bit, but it probably happened in shipping . I like this flashlight. The L2 LED is rather strong. This flashlight has got a glass lens. It's a good thing, because the glass stronger than PMMA. Thank you.
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