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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for costum woman
Perfection, couldn't ask for more ! Custom tailored, arrived in 1 month+ (which is reasonable). Great amount of attention to detail and it was well worth the money spent. Comes with all bows, stockings, dress, tutu for the bottom of the dress and a petticoat. You seriously could not beat that price and I highly recommend it !
OMG I love this costumeeee it’s beautiful and complete!! Except that the crotch area is a bit small and I had to wear my own white underwear to cover some lolol. It’s great and the price is even slightly cheaper than taobao (added with agent fee and shipping fee). Really love this, my first purchase in here and I’m happy! Took a month to reach but reached within the estimated time.
A little bit confusing to wear but overall the quality is amazing! I was concerned that I'll be shivering in the cold on the day that I'll be wearing this but surprisingly when I wore it to test the costume, it was so warm. The zipper on the corset/top is a bit concerning since I fear that it'll unzip but I'm sure that you can hold it in place with a zipper. Great costume and service, as expected of UWOWO!
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