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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cr 123a
The item arrived after 2.5 weeks . When I received the item the packing was slightly damaged but luckily the torch still working. The torch is bright but I wish tbe light us more diffused. It has a center hot spot. Anyway still a good product.
Took a really long time to ship to Canada. Also it does NOT include the battery and it's not a normal battery. I had to order the battery online. Luckily my charger will charge it because you can't charge this light by plugging it in, you need to take the battery out. The actual body seems well built and sturdy. Excited to see how it works once the battery finally arrives,
iam japanese I was surprised that the product was sent in the flashlight I bought six batteries in total, but six flash lights came with it Apparently I thought it was a mistake, but apparently someone else's posting may be a good new good business law Because I use a battery that is not in Japan, I need to buy that battery to use flash light It is because it will not w Well I will buy it in my hand and I will buy it because the battery is cheap w Your company will be selected more if you solve it at the time of purchasing products I think that you can sell batteries for flash light at that time. New troubles and shipping costs will be helpful too It would be better to put paper that seller says that it is not a mistake when packing up It is easy to prevent trouble Thank you for a good deal. (This is using google translator)
Beautiful and Wonderful torch ! Power pack in a deceptively small pocket unit. The make and presentation is exquisite. Its a marvel of modern technology. Came to Nagpur, India in only 18 days and that's mighty fast. It's a must have for your home. It's worth it. It's amazing it has 1000 lumens brilliance for its size. I am totally happy with it. Easy to use. Praise Seller !!