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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cree h4 led
Works very well and I hope it last longer than 3 months which will be a plus, as I bought 2 others - different make- without the fan at the back and they only lasted 3 month
Took about 2 weeks and a half to come in France. Built quality seems very good, for the price, no doubt it will serves for what it is supposed to. I Recommand.
Very bright and with good quality construction (real heat-pipe and thick aluminum braids). Matches factory bi-xenons quite well (a little colder than xenons but the 6000k figure seems accurate). Power draw is ~32-35w each (measured with multimeter) so fairly close to rated specs.
The lights are great and totally changes the look of the car. Only the noise of the fan is a little bit annoying but think I 'll get used of it.
nicely packaged, construction of lights looks good. a little difficult to fit as the heatsink fouls the clip when you're trying to engage it. after a bit of fiddling around the bulbs were secured and all is good. nice bright white in colour. maybe not as bright as i was expecting but overall very good.